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Abou Veľký Meder

There are any exact dates about the origin of the town, but it is fact, that the town was lived at the time of the hungarian conquest. According to the story: The town got it’s name from Megere, from one of the heads of reigning prince Arpad, whose people settled down in Csallóköz. King Béla IV. mentioned Nagymegyer as a castle-yard from Komarom in a charter from 1268, and we can find there the name like VILLA MEGER. According to official charters got Nagymegyer ont he 15th December 1466 town privilege from the hungarian king Matthias Hunyadi. Nagymegyer got another favours from the kings, too, at the time of Matthias II. people of the town didn’t need pay any duty The Turkish army destroyed the town of Nagymegyer too. According to the story were witches also burnt in Nagymegyer, about 1650. In 1702 was a big fire int he town and almost the whole town was bornt, the city-hall with a lot of historical documents, too. In 1704 stood Nagymegyer nearby the emperor, buti n 1710 surrendered to Rákóczi Ferenc II. There was a pestilence int he town, that caused 262 victims, and in 1831 was cholera with 218 death. At the time of the War of the independence (48’) soldiers marched across the town and people of Nagymegyer got cholera again. At the end of the XIX. and and the begining of the XX. century were a lot of guilds in Nagymegyer. About 1910 worked a press in the town too. The serbian cemetery in their tombs are soldiers from the First World War. We recommend of our soldiers of the Second World War ont he Heroes square with a pillar since 1991. In the last years was the industrie of the town also developed. Nagymegyer is also well-known in the whole country because of its thermal bath. The thermal bath was founded in 1973 and it is waiting the turists and visitors all over the year. Int he winter you can visit only the indoor swimming-pools. But from there you can swim to an outdoor swimming-pool with warm thermal bath, you can enjoy it very much in the winter.

Pictures of the thermal bath in Veľký Meder

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